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In order to recieve validation and status as an OC, you will need to post a thread known as an RP Profile in
this section here.

Your RP profile must include the following in order to be approved:

    •A picture or description of your OC's appearance.
    •General statistics. (Age, Base of Operations, Weapons, Orientation, etc.)
    •A biography of who your character is and their history (Note this does not have to be super long. So long as it gives something for others to go off of when reading about your character.).


    •Use faceclaims if you wish.
    •Make your OC fit into the Overwatch universe

    •Force your OC to have ties to canon characters. This puts people who play those characters in an awkward situation given that they did not agree to said ties and may not wish to play with your character. Any ties will have to be made IN A ROLEPLAY with a canon character. HOWEVER - having an OC look up to a canon character without having met them is entirely acceptable.
    •Steal a character from another series and push them into the OW Universe. That's not what an original character is.
    •Make your character's name the same as the character you are faceclaiming. If you use Naruto's picture and name your character Naruto but make the character entirely different in personality and backstory, it still confuses people.

Once you've made your RP Profile, inform a Staff member or RP moderator to approve it for you.


This status is specifically for those of you who play canon characters.

In order to receive this status, all you have to do is be active as a member of the community and as a roleplayer for a week. That's it.

Should you cause issues in the community in that week, you will not receive status. Should you cause problems after receiving status, it will be revoked.

Receiving both these statuses will result in privileges to use a second writing room in the chatbox that those without status cannot see. You will also recieve a forum division for more secluded writing if you wish to use it.

We also allow multiple of one character. Feel free to pick who you want.
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