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What does being a verified artist mean?

Verified Artist is a status that shows that you've verified yourself with our site. You get a green username here on the forum as well as a neat badge to let others know that you're a content creator.
We also link to your patreon/tumblr/wherever you want others to be redirected to on your artwork when you upload.
Being a verified artist also means that you do not have to wait for your submission to be approved.

How do I become a verified artist?

All you have to do is forum PM myself or Seventy Six with a few pieces of your work for proof of your identity, along with a link to where you would like others to be redirected should they want to check out your work. This link can be to your patreon, your HF, your dA, your tumblr.. So on and so forth.

Once you're verified, feel free to make your topic here! You're free to post any of your work as long as it is
OVERWATCH RELATED.You may post updates and polls as well.

This being said - ONLY VERIFIED ARTISTS MAY MAKE TOPICS HERE! For others, you're free to comment as you please, but please respect the artists.

Can I advertise commissions in my topic?

Sure! Go for it. Just keep everything in one topic to avoid clutter.

And that's it, really! Should you have any questions, feel free to PM myself or Seventy Six.

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