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By Evelyne Wolfhardt

Age: 19
Name: Evelyne Wolfhardt
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7
Personality: Silent, Reserved, Kind
Likes: Wearing silk clothes, Nature
Nationality: Japanese (Speaks fluent English)
Weapons: Laser Sniper Rifle
Residency: Isolated cottage in the forest (Unknown Country)
Occupation: Assassin
Orientation: Bi-sexual
Hobbies: Long nature walks and Meditation

When she was a child, you could always find Evelyne walking in the gardens of her home town, smelling the flowers, interacting with the animals, and greeting everyone. She enjoyed her quiet and peaceful life. Good education, loving family, and good neighborhood. However, this changed when her family was assassinated when she was out buying ice cream for her and her brother at home. When she returned, the house was empty aside from the living room, where the bodies of her parents and brother lay on the floor. Ever since, she has vowed to find whoever did this to her, but she never let it take over her life. She has taken up the occupation of Assassin, as she wanted to defend herself and be able to fight, yet she keeps this a secret.

Under the shell of a kind and quiet soul rests a vengeful spirit in search of her family's murderer. Do not be deceived, as that will be the last mistake you ever make.
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By Evelyne Wolfhardt
I had the feeling that would be pointed out. ^^


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